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November 06, 2019 3 min read

Like many inventions and novel ideas, Quicare® was born out of necessity, but also love.
In 2012, my once active and vibrant mother became withdrawn as she became ill. She became more and more sedentary, and was no longer able to move around and enjoy life like she used to. Sadly, she couldn’t even stand up long enough to enjoy her deepest lifelong passion: painting. Using beautifully vivid colors, often choosing to paint life itself - bright flowers, meadows, landscapes, her paintings lit up a room and always made others smile, much like herself! As her health deteriorated, her spirit began to fade as well, the spark in her eyes dimmed and her energy and enthusiasm for life waned. 


One of the most troublesome issues my mother faced during this time was an unbearable pain in her knees. This pain prevented her from standing and walking and she was confined to her chair most days. Due to her ailments, there were no medication options for her to ease the knee pain and help her walk again. I envisioned a better life where she could move around pain-free and paint again. With this vision in mind, I dove into a world of research on natural and non-invasive treatments for pain. I researched the power of minerals and worked to understand how the body responds to pain and the healing process we all have within us.


My studies led me to discover the potential of ingredients like magnesium, MSM, essential oils, hemp, and aloe. I knew that we had to at least try these natural minerals to help my mother walk again, however, my mother was not so sure about the idea! In fact, she was the biggest skeptic of anyone as I pursued these natural solutions. She had always been smart and inquisitive and never took anything at face value. She wanted to understand the why and how of everything, so I taught her everything I had learned and she agreed to give it a try.


Despite her skepticism, we were both amazed at how quickly and effectively the magnesium worked, and she became a true believer in the power of natural minerals. My mother was able to stand, walk, and best of all, paint once again. The spark returned to her eyes as she was able to do the things that mattered to her most and live without the pain that was holding her back.


Over time and with much more research, I developed the entire Quicare® line to bring these natural pain-relieving products to anyone who suffers from pain or longs for a better quality of life. We have personally seen the transformative power of these lotions, gels, and sprays, now it’s time for you to experience the magic yourself.


Our Quicare® story has begun a new chapter. Last month my mother passed away. I am forever grateful that these products allowed her to live the rest of her life in comfort while doing what she loved. Now, I can celebrate her life and all of our work together in discovering and developing our Quicare® line of natural pain relievers. We want to continue the story, touch more lives, and help to relieve more pain in her honor by sharing Quicare® products with the rest of the world.


I hope her memory serves as a reminder to all of us that we cannot let pain take away our quality of life. My mother, though fierce and skeptical, opened her mind to new possibilities and was greatly rewarded when she was able to live the rest of her life in comfort. My wish for everyone is to see your lives transformed in a safe and natural way; for you to triumph and get back on your feet, back to your families and passions.

Quicare® can help you conquer your pain and live your life!

Let us know about your passions and triumphs, and how Quicare® is helping you live your best life yet.

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